Protect your most valuable business assets: the employees. ADP makes sure payroll is accurate and on time while offering HR and PEO services to meet all of your corporate needs. 


Accurate Payroll
With access on any mobile device or browser, it has never been easier to adjust your payroll from anywhere. Pay your employees accurately, measure performance, annual leave, and absenteeism all from the integration that connects to your RPOWER POS terminals. Allow your employees to access information about their pay online. 
No Transcriptions Necessary 
You no longer have to worry about re-entering your timeclock data to your payroll platform. When connecting RPOWER to ADP, our terminals automatically share information that the application needs such as time and attendance. 
Reduce the risk of costly government tax penalties by allowing ADP to automatically calculate taxes for you. ADP makes certain that you fall within the payroll and tax filing requirements so you don’t have to. 

Manage your workforce with the RPOWER-ADP integration. 
: Create schedules within the application and gain visibility on actual versus scheduled hours, overtime, and more.
Analytics: Compare your restaurant’s performance against others that are alike in size and geography. Cut costs on labor by preventing unplanned overtime. 
Time-off & Absence: Access leave requests, accrued time-off, and more within ADP’s resources. 
Talent Acquisition and Management 

Drive employee engagement and reward them for their hard work by using ADP’s Employee Benefits Administration tools. Not sure what route to take for health insurance? Utilize advice from licensed professionals in the industry, provided by ADP. 
Retain employees and reward them by helping them become retirement-ready. ADP offers 401(k), Simple IRA, and SEP IRA plans within their platform. 

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