RPOWER POS - Atware Tech

A customizable ecommerce solution for take out, delivery, and catering. 

Add the sales-boosting finishing touches to your restaurant through the RPOWER-Atware tech integration 


It’s convenient. 
Not all customers prefer to dine in. Open your doors to a new group of customers while also retaining your existing patrons by offering them another way to enjoy your meals. 
It’s seamless.  
When a customer places an order through this integration’s mobile app or website, their order is sent directly to your RPOWER point of sale terminal. Since transcription is not necessary, there’s no need to spend countless dollars on a custom device that handles your takeout, catering, or delivery orders separately.  
It’s safe. 
When paying for an order online, your patrons will never have to be without their card, giving them an alternative way to pay, shop and order. 

Why does your restaurant need an ecommerce solution? 
The simplest answer is: tying in ecommerce to your brick and mortar store increases brand awareness, encourages sales by opening up a new stream of revenue, and frees up your hands during order entry. Here are a few benefits you can find by integrating RPOWER POS with the Atware Tech solution:

Order Ahead 
The days of watching your customers awkwardly wait for their order at reception are over. Allow your customers to order and pay ahead of time, so they have two less things to do when they walk into your establishment. 
Order Online 
Allow your customers to order online for takeout or delivery in a fully customizable website catered to your business. Online ordering helps with order accuracy, expanding your online reach through SEO, and providing a new source of revenue. 
Gift & Loyalty 
Keep attracting new customers while rewarding your loyal patrons. Atware Tech provides a seamless integration into your pre-existing loyalty and rewards programs, so your patrons never miss out on earning points. 

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