Restaurant-focused management software  

Looking to save money on food and labor costs? Connect to the RPOWER-CTUIT integration. RPOWER makes restaurant management error-free by taking away the need to transcribe data to CTUIT. CTUIT will automatically extract the data it needs to consolidate labor and scheduling costs to compare actual and theoretical spending.



The first step to saving money on inventory orders is to stay in touch with your back of house. With features like Recipe Analysis and Menu Costing through the CTUIT-RPOWER integration, it’s easy to visualize how much money is being spent on each meal available for purchase. With CTUIT, restaurant managers can access an arsenal of reports to ensure that ingredients are not being wasted while forecasting where costs can be cut in the future. 

Inventory Features: 

  • Prep to Shelf Life Forecasting

  • Barcode-Scanning Inventory 

  • Suggested Ordering and Bid System 


Labor Scheduling 

We all wish that labor scheduling could be as easy as organizing employees by time and date, but the complexity comes from the details: staying in compliance to labor laws, avoiding overtime, and more. CTUIT ensures that your restaurant is running at optimal performance while also saving future dollars. When connected to this integration, RPOWER will automatically share the time clock data to their platform.

Communicate with employees 

Keep all conversations regarding scheduling within the CTUIT-Compeat application. The integration makes it easy to send mass messages to your staff or connect directly to specific employees. 

In-app features to make your life easier: 

  • Shift swapping 

  • Time off requests 

  • Access pay stubs 

  • View W-2’s and 1095’s

Interested in connecting to this RPOWER integration or one of our other inventory or labor integrations? Connect with an RPOWER reseller today to find the perfect fit for your restaurant! 


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