RPOWER POS - Restaurant365

Need restaurant-focused accounting and operations intelligence? Look no further. 


Whether you are at home, in an Uber, or in your restaurant, easily access your restaurant accounting on your phone or online. Budget for your restaurant by connecting RPOWER point of sale systems with Restaurant365. Once connected, sales data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more can be synced without any physical transcription of data.

  • Access restaurant-specific reports 
  • Visualize trends with in-app reports 
  • Access your general ledger, bank reconciliations, forecasts, and more 
  • Look into overall restaurant performance and identify shortfalls 

The all-in-one restaurant management solution: 

Accounting: On average, it takes about 10 days to close your books. With this integration for RPOWER POS, it takes only 5. On the dashboard, you’ll find your general ledger, budgets, forecasts, and accounts payable and receivable reconciliations, and more. 
Financial Reports: The pre-styled templates that you can find on the RPOWER-Restaurant365 integration are catered specifically for restaurants and fully customizable. 


Scheduling: Reduce labor costs by having full visibility of your staff, anytime and anywhere. 
Restaurant Inventory: Track what you have in stock, what you need in the future, and more. 


The RPOWER-Restaurant365 integration makes it easy to check up on your business. Whether you’re looking for sales reports, menu item profitability, a food cost calculator, or more, Restaurant365 updates their reports in real time to keep you in the loop.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!