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From fine dining and nightclubs to counter service, cafeterias, delivery, and order pick-up, RPOWER POS is suitable for any style of business. Our flagship POS software ensures unmatched flexibility, reliability, and speed for today’s restaurants.


RPOWER is there for you every step of the way

RPOWER’s support services arm your management team with a dedicated and experienced group of support personnel to ensure your establishment is always operating at maximum performance.


Over 100+ integration partners

RPOWER brings industry-leading solutions such as fully integrated EMV and NFC payments, enterprise reporting, online ordering, gift & loyalty solutions, and multi-store compatibility.

Take YOUR RESTAURANT wherever you go.

Through RPOWER, it has never been easier to stay in the know. RPOWER’s analytics and reporting tool gives a real-time 360 degree view of sales and labor reports. Users have the ability to filter, export, and compare reports to predict future sales.

Contactless Payments

Convenience and security with tap to pay, QR code payments, mobile payments, and more

RPOWER’s contactless payment options offer you flexibility and your customers the ability to pay in the most convenient way— pay at the table, at the counter, or via their smartphone. Process debit, credit, or mobile payments safely and securely.

100+ Compatible Integrations

Help Grow Your Business

RPOWER works with you!

RPOWER POS sets itself and your organization apart with more than 100+ software integration partners for its hybrid cloud/local-based software. Put yourself in the driver’s seat by having the ability to adjust your technology solution with industry leading integrations that will ultimately simplify management operations and further your return on investment.

100+ Integrations

RPOWER’s restaurant point of sale software works with 100+ integrations to increase customer traffic, cut costs, reward your loyal customers, and more.
Want to learn more? Take a look at our featured integration partners to learn how RPOWER works with each partner.



POS software that grows with you.
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Whether you’re a trendy bar proprietor, fine dining restaurateur, or anything in between, RPOWER has one goal: to better your customer experience. Our restaurant point of sale software is constructed to handle the everyday tasks and unexpected challenges of doing business regardless of customer quantity. Suitable for any niche in the food service market, RPOWER POS is built to encompass, grow, and retain your new customers.

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  • Splitting Checks

  • Menu Coursing

  • Hold/Fire Ordering

  • Graphical Table Display

  • Menu/Item Description

  • Mobile Ordering

  • EMV at the Table

  • Automatic Gratuity



  • Integrated Loyalty

  • Integrated Scale

  • Customer Facing Displays

  • Kitchen Video Display Systems

  • Digital Menu Board

  • Barcode Readers

  • Online Ordering/Grubhub

  • EMV at the Door



  • Drawer Compulsion

  • Spotter Display

  • Multiple Check Printing

  • Graphical Table Display

  • Beverage Enforcement

  • Open/Standee Tabs

  • Seamless shift change

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Day & Time Profit Centers


Pick-Up & Delivery

  • Delivery Dispatcher

  • Customer History/Last Order Recall

  • Caller ID Functionality

  • Multiple Online Ordering Integrations

  • Tax Levels for Dine-In vs Takeout

  • Order Confirmation Window

  • Sign-On Payment Screen

  • Integrated Gift & Loyalty

  • No Signature Required Transactions

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