With a system that is as fast as foot traffic at peak times, you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the crowd. Not only is RPOWER the fastest point of sale system on the market, but also the most efficient and easy-to-use. The speed, simplicity, and reliability of RPOWER is unmatched in the industry and continues to place RPOWER Bar POS in some of the most demanding environments in the country.

Protect your liability of customer walkouts. Pre-authorize credit cards to save time and check cards for authenticity and funds.

Use the Spotter Display to view order transaction totals on the entire screen for easy monitoring.

Keep your bartenders in the flow of business with three second high speed credit card processing and two-touch cash transactions to speed up your closeout process.

Easily turn a drink order to a double or reorder a round with one touch to save time and automatically adjust pricing.

Require a Blind Close for cash drawer operations withholding sales and cash totals without management permission.

Add drink recipes to item descriptions for easy employee training.

Your bar does not have time for an internet outage.

Continue to open and close tabs, accept credit card payments for later authorization, access open checks, and more with RPOWER bar POS. RPOWER terminals will continue to communicate with each other despite the internet being down, so business never stops. What’s more? Your guests will never know that the internet was down to begin with.

...Or a security breach.

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

PCI Compliancy

Safely accept and process cardholder data for all your transactions. RPOWER validates its application software annually to ensure your POS system is always up to date with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards.

Rpower bar and nightclub pos bottled blonde



RPOWER is the fastest point of sale system on the market, but also the most efficient and easy-to-use.
Multiple Price Levels

Ladies Night, Sunday Brunch, Happy Hour, ThirstyThursdays-- whatever you name it, RPOWER can house up to 9 specific price levels for each item and automate switching between each based upon time of day, day of week, room, profit center, or workstations.

Anytime-Anywhere Management Functionality

With RPOWER, you have the ability to change your menu, add or remove employees, edit time clocks, and access reports, all from any terminal at anytime.

Mobile Access and Cloud Reporting

Keep a little piece of your bar POS with you wherever you go. RPOWER provides customizable real-time reports so you can check up on your business.

Beverage Management

Integrate to a beverage management software to track liquor inventory to the last drop. RPOWER offers a variety of inventory integrations, check them out here!

More RPOWER Features
  • Speedy Order Entry
  • Duplicate Charge Notification
  • Drawer Compulsion
  • Automated Price Changes
  • Drink Recipes
  • Multi & Single-Site VIP Programs
  • CCTV Text Insertion
  • Employee Tip Pooling
  • Inclusive & Exclusive Tax Options

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