RPOWER has the tools to keep your quick service restaurant operating efficiently.

Advertise specials in house with pole displays.

As customers place their orders, pole displays communicate with RPOWER quick service POS and reflect order details as well as advertisements on your latest specials. Customize your pole display further by adding in a business partner's advertising message or looping video.

Connect your front and back of house.

It’s crucial to be communicating with one another in a quick service setting in order to eliminate order errors and sendbacks. With RPOWER’s Kitchen Display System (KDS), orders are fired directly from your front of house terminal to your kitchen in vivid detail including any allergy or nutritional information specific to the customer. You can choose to have a paperless kitchen with RPOWER KVD, so lost or illegible tickets are a thing of the past.

Drive Thru

Not all people prefer to dine in. Give your guests one more convenient way to place their order and easily cater to guests on the go. With features like drive-thru confirmation, KDS, and full color displays, RPOWER manages your drive thru operations with ease.


Integrations that make an impact on sales.

Keep customers coming back to your quick service restaurant by offering rewards through integrations to a gift and loyalty program.

With RPOWER’s KDS, your front and back of house communications will always be in sync. Send orders directly from your point of sale system to the kitchen.

Never miss a sales opportunity because of a long line or unanswered phone. Our quick service POS is fast and reliable, and keeps up with your business no matter the demand.

Continue to process credit cards, gift cards, and more in the event of an internet outage. You can always rely on RPOWER point of sale, no matter your internet status.


RPOWER is able to connect with over
100 integration partners

Find out how you can use them to leverage better business today.


RPOWER keeps your key quick service POS restaurant features all in one place.

Employee Management & Payroll

Streamline your payroll by allowing RPOWER to post your data directly to your provider of choice. The intelligent software additionally handles the proper overtime and payroll calculations for all 50 states.


Leave the calculator and spreadsheets behind. Right from your preferred device, record inventory that automatically syncs to your POS system. With RPOWER, collectively track inventory, prices, and supplies all in one place.


Keep a little piece of your restaurant with you, wherever you go. With RPOWER, you can easily access a wide range of reports anytime, anywhere. Use RPOWER’s restaurant analytics to collect and report on customer data that can be leveraged to predict future sales.


Record invoices, track bill status, pay vendors, and more through RPOWER accounting integrations.


Recommended Integrations

Secure Payment Processing:

Credit Card Processing

While RPOWER integrates with most payments processing networks, specific features and functions vary according to each specific platform. RPOWER brings the most advanced and secure restaurant credit card processing solutions available in the quick service POS industry.

The system that never lets you down:

Offline Credit Card Processing

Protect your restaurant from the unexpected. Offline credit card processing ensures that credit card information is safely stored in the event of personal network issues or processors being down, so you don’t lose a single dollar.

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