Whether you run a quick-service taco stand or a sit-down Mexican restaurant, your customers want to enjoy a streamlined dining experience. A POS system like RPOWER empowers you to operate efficiently and offer quick, accurate service however you serve your tacos — counter service, sit-down dining, takeout, or delivery.

RPOWER Taco Restaurant POS System Features

Kitchen Display System

Connect the front of house with the back of house to ensure order accuracy, including customizations and allergy information.

Online Ordering

Empower customers to order for pickup or delivery with the option to include an automatic delivery charge. Orders will route to your kitchen automatically, ensuring your back of house can keep taco orders coming out consistently and accurately.

Check Splitting

Lots of large parties? It’s no problem with RPOWER. The system allows customers to split bills in various ways — by seat, customer, amount, and more — providing high convenience and flexibility.

Inventory Management

Never run out of your most popular menu items. Easily keep track of your ingredients, so you can stay stocked up on the items your customers purchase most often.

Automatic Gratuity

Whether your customers order from the table or at the counter, allow them to add a tip by setting up automatic or suggested gratuities on your bills.

Flexible Menu and Pricing

Want to offer your tacos a la carte? Smaller portions for lunch hours? Taco Tuesday specials? The RPOWER POS system allows you to easily adjust menu items and pricing based on the day of the week, time of day, and more.

Benefits of RPOWER Taco Restaurant POS System


When you have orders coming in various ways — phone calls, dine-in customers, and online — you need seamless communication between your front and back of house. RPOWER taco restaurant POS system automatically routes all orders to your back of house and displays them on-screen, so your kitchen staff doesn’t have to rely on paper tickets.


Give your customers more control over their dining experience. RPOWER taco restaurant POS system offers a customer-facing display that shows order details, pricing, taxes, discounts, and more, so they can sign on screen to authorize payments and add gratuity. Plus, the display makes it easy to prompt customers to sign up for loyalty programs and use program benefits.


Easily understand what’s working for your taco restaurant and explore areas for improvement. The RPOWER taco restaurant POS system collects and analyzes data about your sales, menu items, and labor, so you can identify ways to improve your restaurant, streamline your day-to-day operations, and increase profitability.


Want to increase repeat business? Incentivize customers to come back time and again with a loyalty program. RPOWER enables you to offer gift and loyalty programs so that you can reward customers for repeat purchases. Plus, when new customers sign up for your program, you learn valuable information about their likes and dislikes so that you can send them customized offers.


Find out how RPOWER can help you manage your Mexican restaurant.


A Safe and Reliable Point of Sale System

Mobile pay icon

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, You Name It.

Whether your customers use a credit card, cash, EMV, or NFC to pay their tab, RPOWER taco restaurant POS has you covered.

Secure Processing icon

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode icon

Offline Credit Card Processing

There’s no time for internet problems in a fast-moving taco restaurant. With RPOWER taco restaurant POS’s offline mode, you can continue sending orders to the kitchen, clocking in and out, processing gift and credit cards, and more — even when the internet is out.

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