RPOWER provides the most efficient and easy-to-use POS software on the market.

RPOWER’s pick-up and delivery systems have been tested in the harshest environments with locations processing 2,500 deliveries per day managing 20,000 customer accounts. Built-in options for handling future, current, and online orders allow each establishment to customize RPOWER to target individual needs.

Online Ordering

Allow customers to order online for delivery or pickup and automatically charge a delivery fee if applicable. Orders will fire to your kitchen in real time, keeping your back of house prepared for any pizza order.

Choose key features to keep your POS restaurant running smoothly.

RPOWER houses over 100 integrations so you can customize your POS system based on your business’ needs.

Customer Facing Display

Upsell your customers in store by displaying your most current promos on front-facing displays to increase your average ticket size. Sign-On Screen payment processing allows for a speedy tip and payment process.


When integrated to to one of our inventory partners, get alerts if you’re running low on stock depending on purchases throughout the day. Rely on your inventory system to find the best prices in the market.

Determine which pizza sold the most by week, month, or day. Sort by popular topping sales to ensure you’re always fully stocked on the top selling items. Compare daily sales to find your peak times and days, so you’re always prepared for the incoming rush.

Caller ID

When paired with a Caller ID integration, RPOWER point of sale users automatically retrieve their customer’s data on their POS system as soon as they place a call. With their basic customer information and past order history, get to know your customers on an individual basis and expedite the order process

RPOWER POS Pizza delivery man

Build Your Own Pizza with Unlimited Customization of Toppings

RPOWER POS’s item modifiers allow you to build a pie from scratch and easily add toppings in one touch.

As you build the pizza in your POS system, RPOWER will:

  • Calculate the cost
  • Deduct from your store's inventory
  • Auto-add to the customer bill

Add extra cheese, BBQ drizzle, extra pizza sauce on the side, and more with just a few taps. One-tap pizza splitting allows for easy topping distribution on portions of the pizza.

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