It’s important to remember hookah lounge POS is not a one size fits all. To sufficiently serve your hookah lounge, you’ll need built-in features and the flexibility of integrations to customise your point of sale to your business’s needs.

Table Status

RPOWER graphical table layouts can provide a comprehensive look at the current status of tables in your hookah bar. Twelve different color codes denote table status from initial seating to a dirty status enabling your staff to operate with increased efficiency.

Price Levels

Whether it’s happy hour, Shisha Saturday, or Margarita Monday, RPOWER hookah lounge POS has you covered on up to 9 price level changes by days and times.

Hookah Splitting

In a hookah bar setting, it is imperative for your POS system to be easy for your employees to use, saving time and money training new hires. With one-touch hookah splitting, drink doubling, and reordering rounds, adding common ticket entries is easy.


Add descriptions to each item including recipes to easily train your waitstaff on our hookah bar POS. For house-mixed shisha flavors, simply add the instructions on which flavors to mix.

VIP Customers

Give your special guests the service that they deserve. Set up pop-up notes in your system for special services, including a customer photo for quick identification confirmation.

RPOWER houses over 100 integrations. Find the ones that increase sales and transform your hookah bar POS to a highly efficient business operation.

Increase Your Hookah Bar POS Revenue with Loyalty Programs

The best way to create a connected customer base is by offering a loyalty program to your patrons. By offering rewards such as repeat purchase points, you’ll help increase foot traffic and give a reason for your customers to keep coming back and trying new things. While customers sign up and earn rewards through your loyalty integration, your POS saves valuable customer information so you can learn about their likes, dislikes, and more.

Save Money with Liquor + Shisha Inventory Management

Make the most out of perishable goods and restock on what your customers are using the most: charcoals, aluminum foil, plastic tips, shisha, and more. Once paired with an RPOWER inventory integration, easily compare vendors and their pricing to see where you can save dollars. Record by scanning inventory to further reduce shrinkage and avoid human error. Right in your RPOWER point of sale, set up inventory alerts to remind management that a restock is needed in the near future.

Better Business Visibility with RPOWER Reporting & Analytics

When introducing new flavors of shisha or a new base, look into daily, weekly, and monthly analytics to determine their real time performance in sales. RPOWER provides over 200 styles of reports including sales, product and labor. Further sort sales reports by product or server to track employee sales.

A Safe and Reliable Point of Sale System

Mobile pay icon

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, You Name It.

Whether your customers would like to use their credit card, cash, EMV, or NFC to pay their tab, RPOWER has you covered on a variety of payment types.

Secure Processing icon

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode icon

Offline Credit Card Processing

In the speed of a hookah lounge POS business, you don’t have time for internet problems. From network connectivity issues to processors being down, RPOWER never leaves you in the dark. When the internet is down, RPOWER continues to store the proper cardholder data to later be processed so you don’t lose a single dollar. Continue sending orders to the kitchen (or your KDS system), clocking in and out, processing gift and credit cards, and more.

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