Your family dining restaurant is a casual and comfortable place where memories are made. With large groups frequently coming through your doors to celebrate milestones like birthdays, graduations, and other important gatherings, you need to be on top of your game.

Having the right family dining POS system — one that’s fast, reliable, and easy-to-use — is the secret to keeping your guests coming back for more.

RPOWER Family Dining POS Features

Tableside ordering

Equip your staff with mobile POS devices that allow them to enter orders in real-time at the table side, reducing the risk of send-backs and offering customers an upgraded ordering experience.

Graphical Table Display

With RPOWER Family Dining POS, servers get a graphical view of your dining area so they can manage their tables with ease. Hosts can also quickly assess which tables are free or need to be cleaned.

Hold/fire ordering

Between the two options of immediately firing to the kitchen or setting up a timed hold and fire, servers can ensure that the appetizers come out before the entrees and desserts are delivered at the very end.

Multiple Check Splitting

Splitting the bill shouldn’t be a headache. With RPOWER Family Dining POS, you can easily split bills into multiple checks so that each guest can pay their share.

Automatic Gratuity

Ensure staff are rewarded for their hard work by increasing their tips. With RPOWER POS, you can set up automatic or suggested gratuities on your bills.

Powerful Integrations

RPOWER Family Dining POS is home to over 100 integrations that can help you increase sales, streamline your operation, and improve your customer experience.

The Benefits of RPOWER Family Dining POS


To ensure a seamless customer experience, your front and back of house need to be aligned. With a Kitchen Display System, orders are sent to the kitchen where they are displayed on screens. At a glance, back of house staff can view the order, the time it came in, modifications, and more. No need to heavily rely on paper chits that can increase the odds of send-backs.


Understanding the days and times when your restaurant is the busiest unlocks new opportunities. With RPOWER Family Dining POS, you can use our day and time profit centers to easily identify peak times and slow periods. Armed with this information, you can adjust pricing accordingly, optimize your menu, improve your bottom line, and boost revenue.


RPOWER Family Dining POS allows you to harness sales data to optimize your operation. It can help you determine the optimal time to introduce specials, add new menu items, or even increase prices. You can choose from over 200 styles of reports including sales, product, and labor, to help you make better decisions about your family restaurant.


Find out how RPOWER can help you manage your family dining restaurant.


A Safe and Reliable Point of Sale System

Mobile pay icon

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, You Name It.

Whether your customers use credit card, cash, EMV, or NFC to pay their tab, RPOWER Family Dining POS accepts it all to delight your guests and keep you paid.

Secure Processing icon

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode icon

Offline Credit Card Processing

Don’t panic when an internet outage impacts your restaurant. WIth RPOWER Family Dining POS, offline mode lets you continue sending orders to the kitchen, clocking in and out, processing gift and credit cards, and more.

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