The recipe to customer satisfaction.

RPOWER POS gives you the ability to go above and beyond. Our seamless solutions will always ensure that you are running your restaurant at optimal performance.

rpower pos fully customizable menu

Start by fully customizing your menu.

Keep up with the latest restaurant trends.

With RPOWER fine dining POS, you have the option to customize your menu from top to bottom, no matter how many times you’d like to change your menu.

Easily add menu items with helpful descriptive notes for your waitstaff and recipes for your back of house.

rpower pos tableside ordering tablet

Add in tableside ordering for accurate orders and time-savings.

Create tabs, split checks, and turn tables faster than ever before with the fine dining POS device that moves with you.

Reduce the risk of send-backs by eliminating errors form lost or illegible tickets.

Equip your staff with mobile POS devices that allow them to enter orders quickly and efficiently, table side, or anywhere in your restaurant.

restaurant back of house rpowerpos

Organize your back of house.

Ensure that your team is fully prepared and equipped for peak times by connecting your front and back of house.

Illegible, lost, or forgotten tickets will be a thing of the past when you integrate with RPOWER’s kitchen display system (KDS).

Your KDS system connects with orders in real time and even incorporates online orders with the option to let customers know when their order is ready.

cheers wine glasses fine dining

Keep more of what you make.

Take away the possibility of human error.

By logging everything from your back of house into the inventory software, restaurant owners can make the most of what’s in house.

Set up alerts in your fine dining POS to ensure your restaurant never runs low on stock and reorder with the touch of a button once you’ve customized your preferred restock.

RPOWER makes it easy to get the orders right every time

Graphical Tables

Keep an eye on table status by filtering by color through the birds-eye view in RPOWER’s graphical table layout. Instead of searching through checks, servers are able to select a table to access quick-action buttons for printing checks, paying or closing checks, firing held orders, and duplicate round ordering.

Hold & Fire

Allow your servers to set hold times on items of their choosing to ensure all items come out in a timely fashion. Between the two options of immediately firing to the kitchen or setting up a timed hold and fire, you can ensure that the appetizers come out before the entrees and desserts are delivered at the very end.

Integrations that make your life easier.

With RPOWER, you can choose from over 100 integrations including accounting, employee management, online ordering and more. Customize your fine dining POS with the integrations that give you the tools to help grow your business.

Intuit Quickbooks
Uber Eats
Restaurant 365

RPOWER reports & analytics on the go.

Always keep a little part of your restaurant with you wherever you go. With RPOWER restaurant analytics, you can view a variety of reports on labor, product mix, sales, and more. RPOWER provides quarter, half, or hourly sales reports for an in-depth perspective for the detail-hungry restaurateur.

The most secure solution.

RPOWER POS offers a fully compliant and integrated, customer-driven pay-at-the-table solution for accepting EMV, EMV pin, magnetic swipe, Apple Pay and NFC (near-field communication) transactions.

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode

In the event of personal network issues or processors being down, RPOWER terminals will continue to communicate with each other, so business never stops and your guests will never know that your internet is down.

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