Give your customers the service they deserve with RPOWER hotel restaurant POS.

In an industry that houses several revenue centers: restaurant, bar, hotel accommodations, and more, don’t let a sub-par POS system cause you to fall short.

An all-inclusive platform that connects seamlessly to your property management system.

RPOWER Guest-folio

Keep all of your guest’s previous orders and information all in one place. Set limits per guest folio or room with a few taps and auto-add the payment total to their room bill.

Category Limits

Set a limit on every category of items such as liquor, room service, and more.

Profit Center Limits

Divide each area of your hotel into profit centers and limit spending in each area. Whether your guests are ordering poolside, at your hotel restaurant, or in their rooms, you will always have full control of how much guests can spend.

Customer Limits

Set customer-specific limits for profit areas and categories. Allow your guest to spend up to $50 for booze, $100 at the bar, and $150 poolside. RPOWER guest based limits can also be categorized into tiers (platinum, silver, and gold).

Poolside Dining

Take orders outside, at the bar, poolside, and more.

Your servers no longer need to walk from their customers to a nearby terminal with RPOWER mobile POS. Take multiple orders at one time and fire them to your kitchen so it’s already in assembly before your server returns to the POS terminal. Let your hotel be known not only for its world class accommodations and amenities, but also its guest-centric operation.

  • RPOWER mobile pay is capable of accepting all types of debit and credit card transactions including EMV, Magnetic Swipe, Apple Pay, NFC transactions, and more.
  • Give your guests the comfort of never leaving their card. Charge an order directly to their room or securely process tableside payments for faster turnaround time.
  • Include automatic gratuity and print receipts from anywhere with select mobile devices.

Easily customize check information to include the associated room number, your logo, website, auto-gratuity, latest promotions, and more.

A full-featured Hotel Restaurant POS system.

Enterprise-Level Inventory:

RPOWER's inventory management integration partners have the ability to track and update inventory throughout the day while items are being sold through your terminals. Account for daily inventory usage, with the ability to pull reports right from your POS system. Collectively track prices and supplies all in one place and set up alerts when your inventory stock is low so you’re never behind on a shipment.

Online Ordering:

Expose new customers to your hotel restaurant by giving them more ways to order. RPOWER POS integrates with a variety of restaurant online ordering systems to give restaurateurs the greatest flexibility in selecting a system that will help grow both revenue and the customer experience.

Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Display System:

It’s crucial to be in constant communication with a kitchen responsible for several venues in a hotel setting. With RPOWER’s Kitchen Display System (KDS), orders are fired directly from your front of house terminal to the kitchen, and color coded to perfection.

Restaurant Analytics:

It is imperative to track daily data in order to grow your business over time. Utilize the most powerful resource in the hotel restaurant industry to maximize customer interaction and learn customer behavior.

Your hotel guest's security will never be compromised.

RPOWER brings the most advanced and secure credit card processing solutions available in the hotel restaurant POS industry.

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, You Name It.

Whether your customers would like to use their credit card, cash, EMV, or NFC to pay their tab, RPOWER has you covered on a variety of payment types.

Internet or Not

RPOWER brings industry-leading offline capabilities to your restaurant. When the internet is down, RPOWER continues to store the proper cardholder data to later be processed so you don’t lose a single dollar. Continue sending orders to the kitchen, clocking in and out, processing gift cards, credit cards, and more.

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