RPOWER ensures your restaurant accounting software is always up to date by directly integrating to a selection of accounting solutions. With RPOWER, you can easily sync and streamline day to day operations such as labor, inventory, and more.

Looking for more than just an accounting solution?

RPOWER houses over 100 integration partners, so it’s easy to customize your restaurant accounting software. Combining the accounting integration with payroll and inventory alleviates your workload in many ways. With RPOWER, you can automatically share your daily sales information with 3rd party integrations, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Mobile dashboard v2

Enterprise Management

Manage the finances of multiple locations under one umbrella. Cloud reports and the RPOWER Dashboard allow individual and consolidated reporting in real-time from anywhere.


After setting up inventory recognition through your RPOWER point of sale terminal, the database will automatically deduct from stored inventory data as you make sales throughout the day. Inventory reports are quick and easy to extract from your RPOWER analytics so you can track your daily usage, monitor waste and make the most out of your perishable goods.



RPOWER’s solutions are labor law compliant. With our 3rd party payroll integrations, you have the option to auto-apply federal and state taxes to save your business time and money. Choose to do payroll the paperless way with electronic onboarding for new employees to gather all employee documents conveniently in one place.


Customer Billing

Maintain a master list of House Accounts and their members. Manage member charges and master account payments seamlessly through your point of sale system.

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