Does your restaurant really need gift and loyalty programs?

Sure, you could be just fine without them, however, by implementing gift and loyalty programs you are more likely to increase sales, connect with your customers, and reward your regulars.


The best kinds of sales come after hours.

Just because you’re closed for the night doesn’t mean your customers aren’t thinking about you. With a gift and loyalty program, allow your patrons to look into their rewards balance and send gift cards to their friends and family. Research shows that gift cards remain the most popular item on wish lists for a decade and counting; gift card holders typically spend 40% more than a card’s face value. Incorporating a gift card solution into your POS is the fastest way to help boost profits and introduce new customers to your restaurant through your most loyal patrons. Our solutions help you efficiently manage gift and loyalty card programs allowing you to grow your sales without increasing time spent on day-to-day operations.

Your customers are looking for convenience.

Allow customers to keep their rewards right in their loyalty app and see how far they’ve progressed with your loyalty points. Your guests can even opt to make online orders through their loyalty app. Sell digital gift cards to your customers: RPOWER E-Gift gives you the ability to issue and sell digital gift cards, helping you to increase sales & build customer loyalty. Learn more about RPOWER E-Gift

Let the stats do the talking.

Do you ever wonder if the holiday special you spent hours on made an impact on your sales? Look no further, your loyalty application will help you dissect your sales’ ebbs and flows whether your measurements are by customer visits or total dollars spent.

Loyalty that does it all.

  • Customer messaging and tailored notifications are sent out when a customer is close by
  • Options to combine online ordering to your loyalty app
  • Automate interactions with your customers through existing marketing campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries or threshold limits
Rpower pos gift cards

Enterprise-level gift & loyalty

Having a fully connected system is essential for a growing restaurant brand. RPOWER ensures that your gift and loyalty programs are synced across all sites so your patrons can pay with their gift card or redeem discounts and points at any location.

RPOWER gift & loyalty works hand in hand with most of our online ordering, analytics, reporting, and more.



RPOWER’s solutions are labor law compliant. With our 3rd party payroll integrations, you have the option to auto-apply federal and state taxes to save your business time and money. Choose to do payroll the paperless way with electronic onboarding for new employees to gather all employee documents conveniently in one place.



Maintain a master list of House Accounts and their members. Manage member charges and master account payments seamlessly through your point of sale system.

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Even in the event of an internet outage, your in-house terminals will still communicate and process gift cards as a payment method. Multi-store gift card balances and loyalty points will be synced across all locations once the network is restored.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!