Enhance Your Guest Experience

RPOWER SMS is a feature provided by the RPOWER point-of-sale (POS) system that allows restaurants to use text messaging or email to connect with guests instantly on their phones. This feature is all about staying in touch and keeping your business on the fast track to success.

Check out the four primary functions of RPOWER SMS:

  • Send Bills for Instant Payment
  • Wave goodbye to old-school bills and say hello to seamless payment processing. With RPOWER SMS, you can effortlessly send your customers their bill or invoice through text, eliminating the need for physical bills or extra steps. They can conveniently review the bill right on their mobile device and choose from multiple integrated payment options within the RPOWER POS system.

  • Send Receipts With Ease
  • Send digital receipts straight to your customers' mobile devices. No more fussing over printed receipts—they receive a handy text notification or email with a concise summary of their order and payment details. It's a win-win situation: restaurants save on paper usage, and customers enjoy effortless access to their transaction information.

  • Send Real-Time Order Status
  • Effortlessly keep your customers in the loop with RPOWER SMS. When it's time for pickup, simply text them to let them know their order is ready and waiting. And for those who prefer delivery, RPOWER SMS has you covered. Stay connected by sending text notifications when their order is out for delivery, ensuring they're up-to-date every step of the way.

  • Send Seating Notifications
  • With RPOWER SMS, you can instantly notify your customers via text when their table is ready for a memorable dining experience. No more guests waiting around awkwardly, and no more name-calling or searching for your guests in a crowded restaurant. Just a simple text message will inform them — ensuring a smooth and efficient seating process.

Powerful integrations to keep guests coming back

RPOWER POS sets itself and your organization apart with more than 100+ software integration partners for its hybrid cloud/local-based software. These integrations extend to digital ordering, gift and loyalty programs, accounting, and comprehensive reporting dashboards, fostering a holistic operational environment to enhance your business

Restaurant POS software that grows with you

Whether you’re a trendy bar proprietor, fine dining restaurateur, or anything in between, RPOWER has one goal: to better your customer experience.

Now, with RPOWER SMS, restaurants can streamline operations and promote a more seamless and modernized interaction with their patrons.

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