Your sports bar is a place for people to gather, enjoy a round of drinks, and watch the game. Whether you manage a neighborhood watering hole, a busy downtown location, or anything in between, your atmosphere is what keeps your customers coming back. In order to keep the orders flowing and the good times rolling, you need a sports bar POS system that helps you manage orders, process payments and streamline your operation.

RPOWER Sports Bar POS Features

Tab Management

Customers often want flexibility during their visit. With the ability to open and manage tabs, guests can order at their convenience without having to complete a transaction each time.

Multiple Check Splitting

Splitting the bill shouldn’t be stressful. With RPOWER Sports Bar POS, you can easily split bills into multiple checks so that each guest can easily pay their share.

Graphical Table Display

With RPOWER Sports Bar POS, servers get a graphical view of your dining area so that they can easily manage their tables.

Contactless Payments

RPOWER Sports Bar POS allows you to accept contactless payments that make the customer experience safer, more convenient, and more efficient.


RPOWER Sports Bar POS is home to over 100 integrations that can help you increase sales, streamline your operation, and improve your customer experience.

Benefits of RPOWER Sports Bar POS

Increase Sports Bar Revenue With Day & Time Profit Centers

Wondering which days or times bring in the most business? With RPOWER Sports Bar POS, you no longer have to. With day and time profit centers, you can easily identify peak times and slow periods. Armed with this information, you can adjust pricing accordingly, optimize your menu, improve your bottom line, and boost revenue.

Streamline Your Operation With Kitchen Display Systems

In order to provide a seamless customer experience, your front and back of house need to communicate effectively. Whether you’re serving wings, burgers, or any other type of food at your sports bar, RPOWER Sport Bar POS sends orders directly to the kitchen and presents them on-screen so that your cooks don’t have to rely on paper tickets.

Customer Facing Displays For a Better Customer Experience

RPOWER Sports Bar POS helps you improve your customer experience with a customer facing display that shows order details, pricing, taxes, discounts, and more, all in real time.

With this feature, you can allow customers to sign on screen to authorize payments, select or add tips, sign up for loyalty programs, and more.

Better Business Visibility with RPOWER Reporting & Analytics

RPOWER Sports Bar POS allows you to harness sales data to optimize your operation. It can help you determine the optimal time to introduce specials, add new menu items, or even increase prices.

Choose from over 200 styles of reports including sales, product, and labor, to help you make better decisions about your sports bar.


Find out how RPOWER can help you manage your sports bar.


A Safe and Reliable Point of Sale System

Mobile pay icon

EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, You Name It.

Whether your customers use credit card, cash, EMV, or NFC to pay their tab, RPOWER Sports Bar POS has you covered.

Secure Processing icon

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode icon

Offline Credit Card Processing

In a busy sports bar environment, there’s no time for internet problems. RPOWER Sports Bar POS offline mode lets you continue sending orders to the kitchen, clocking in and out, processing gift and credit cards, and more, even when the internet is out.

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