When a customer receives an incorrect or delayed order, it could severely impact their decision to dine again at your restaurant.

Improve speed and order accuracy by integrating with RPOWER drive-thru POS. With RPOWER POS, you’ll receive the rapid operation you need to deliver accurate orders every time.

RPOWER's Drive-Thru Solutions:

Drive-Thru Confirmation Board

Allow your customers to double check their order on confirmation boards. Customers can easily view what was ordered, the price of each item, and the grand total all on one screen. Integrating with a confirmation board reduces the possibility of human error, reducing waste and gives the customer a chance to prepare for payment in advance.

Full Color Displays and Menu Changes

Take advantage of full color displays to advertise menu items in vivid detail and increase average ticket size. Automatically change menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mobile POS

Is your drive-thru line wrapping around the building? Switch to an RPOWER mobile point of sale device to maximize efficiency and send orders to your kitchen ahead of time. Whether you want to take orders outdoors or indoors, RPOWER has you covered.

Kitchen display system

RPOWER Kitchen Display System (KDS)

You’re only as organized as your kitchen. When you connect to RPOWER KDS, orders are fired directly to your back-of-house immediately, allowing your staff to start preparing the customer’s meal before they’ve even moved to the next window.


RPOWER’s drive-thru POS offers abundant integration selections, which sets your establishment apart from the rest. Pair with over 100 integrations to keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Analytics & Reporting

Review a variety of reports to see how each order impacts your bottom line. Evaluate order to completion time and track drive-thru performance to ensure your team is always highly productive.


Allow your restaurant guests to earn loyalty points whether they order in-store, online, or via drive-thru. Learn about your guests and the best way to cater to them directly from the loyalty integration’s customer engagement platform.

Online/Mobile Ordering

Give your guests the option of interacting with your restaurant menu before arriving. Guests can choose to pick up their order through the drive-thru and pay at the window, or pay in advance to keep your lines moving.

RPOWER has the most secure drive-thru point of sale solution on the market.

Secure Processing icon

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works with only Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up to date with the latest PCI Security Standards.

Offline Mode icon

Offline Mode

Got network issues? No problem. Offline credit card processing ensures that credit card information is safely stored in the event of personal network issues or processors being down, so you don’t lose the flow of business.

Mobile pay icon

Smart Payments

Whether your customers want to pay by cash, credit card, EMV, or NFC, RPOWER has you covered on advanced payment technology including contactless payments.

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