RPOWER Waitlist allows you to create custom waitlists that integrate with your RPOWER point of sale system. Your front-of-house staff can add a patron to a waitlist, add notes, look up customer history, and seat customers when there is availability. Meanwhile, customers receive SMS notifications when they’re added to the list, and again when their table is ready

  • Custom waitlists
  • RPOWER Waitlist gives your team the flexibility to create multiple custom waitlists for different occasions – create a general waitlist for day-to-day, another for a 4th of July fiesta, another for Father’s Day, etc.

  • SMS notifications
  • Set up SMS notifications to be sent to customers when they sign up for the waitlist and again when their table is ready. Customize your messages to suit your restaurant and brand identity.

  • Customer lookup/history
  • When a guest signs up for a waitlist, hosts and servers can look up customer history to view past orders, see their spend average, average group size, and more.

  • Reservation deposits
  • By integrating with RPOWER mPay, you can accept deposits for reservations and give your guests the ability to pay using their mobile phones.

  • Notes
  • Hosts can attach notes when adding guests to the waitlist to notify servers of allergies, birthdays, celebrations, etc. Hosts also have the ability to add details about customers such as preferred type of table, desired seating area, VIP status, and more.

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