RPOWER POS - 3 Tips for Selling Counter Service POS Solutions

3 Tips for Selling Counter Service POS Solutions

3 Tips for Selling Counter Service POS Solutions

As a reseller, you understand that the best way to find success is to make sure that you offer the best products. But then what? How do you prove to customers that your products are ideal solutions that they should invest in?

It’s all about your strategy. You need to outline a plan for how you will approach the subject with your clients and what information you need to convey in order to close the sale.

When it comes to selling counter-service POS, here’s a good strategy to follow:

Get Familiar with the Industry

Clients won’t be convinced that you can meet their needs if you aren’t even familiar with what their needs are right off the bat. Managers and owners in the counter- and quick-service industries want to know that you are familiar with the demands the industry faces and understand how your solution can address them.

If you aren’t already familiar, do your research—both online and in-person so you can get a better view of the industry as a whole. Selling counter-service POS requires in-depth knowledge of restaurant operations. Not only will you be able to recommend the best POS for their business, but you will be able to recommend integrations and services that they may not have known they needed.

Identify the Needs of Your Clients

After you have a better understanding of the industry itself, you need to do your research on individual leads. No two restaurants have the same needs. Rather than jumping into selling counter-service POS right away, listen attentively when managers discuss the problems they are facing, and show them that you know how to best serve them.

Merchants buy benefits—not just solutions. Highlight the advantages of your solution and describe in-detail how their individual business can benefit from the solution you are selling. Even if their needs are not unique, you should tailor your pitch to the specific client so they don’t feel like they are just another number to you.

Know What to Recommend

Don’t sleep on the additional features. Selling counter-service POS involves more than just the basics. Counter-service restaurants need extra features that other businesses may pass on, like a customer-facing display system. This is uniquely beneficial to counter-service restaurants, whose customer interactions take place entirely at the point of sale.

Outline the added benefits of having a customer-facing display system in their POS.

Some include:

  • An improved guest experience
  • A space to show off your latest promotions
  • Potential for increased tips for restaurant employees

Closing the Sale:

When you are selling counter-service POS, it’s important that you don’t go into each and every pitch unprepared. Do your research first and understand the specific needs that you need to address, so you can prove to your leads how your solution will benefit their business, and why they should consider purchasing the products you offer. When you demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the industry, your clients will be more confident that you are capable of solving their individual business challenges, and are more likely to trust your recommendations.

RPOWER offers counter-service POS solutions designed by industry experts that understand what it takes to solve the problems your clients face. Make sure you are offering the best solutions for your clients. For more information on the solutions we offer, contact RPOWER today


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