RPOWER POS - 3 Ways Restaurant POS Offline Mode Can Help Keep Your Business Running

3 Ways Restaurant POS Offline Mode Can Help Keep Your Business Running

3 Ways Restaurant POS Offline Mode Can Help Keep Your Business Running

No internet? No problem. Here Are 3 Ways Restaurant POS Offline Mode Can Help Keep Your Business Running


Dining out has become increasingly popular over the past several decades, with nearly 45% of consumers going out to eat multiple times a week. As a restaurant owner, you strive to provide a consistent level of service to ensure that your customers’ expectations are always met. In order to meet those expectations, your restaurant must have technology solutions in place, such as a restaurant point of sale system.

However, there are a number of things that can cause downtime, disrupting your service and preventing you from accepting payments. Power failures, processor network issues, and internet service provider outages are just a few of the many threats to your operation, so it’s important to have a backup plan in place. Any good restaurant point of sale system has POS offline mode to keep your restaurant going.



What is POS offline mode?

POS offline mode is a feature within restaurant POS software that allows restaurants to accept payment even without an internet connection. The exact features and capabilities of offline mode vary between point of sale systems, but the majority will allow for processing cash payments, receipt printing, automatic cash drawer opening, and automatic data sync once the internet connection is restored. When looking for a restaurant POS, ensure that its offline mode offers the following capabilities:
  1. Offline Credit Card Processing

For many restaurant owners, operators, and managers, losing the ability to accept credit card payment can be devastating. To avoid any major disruptions to your service, ensure that your restaurant point of sale system has POS offline mode that allows for offline credit card processing. Equipped with this feature, you can continue taking card payments seamlessly, as if you were still in online mode. The best part is that your customers won’t even notice an outage and your POS can process the payments once you go back online.

  1. Peer to Peer Function

The basis of any good relationship is communication. The same is true when it comes to your POS system and terminals. The key to their communication, however, is peer-to-peer function, which allows your system to communicate with its components without using the internet. In the event of an outage, POS offline mode with peer to feer function ensures that all of your POS hardware and software remain connected.

Connectivity is essential for any busy restaurant to ensure that customer orders make it to the kitchen and are prepared to your customers’ expectations. Without this essential restaurant POS offline mode function, your servers and wait staff may input an order that never makes it to the kitchen, or is only accessible from the pos terminal it was entered, which leaves customers and staff wondering what happened to their order.

  1. A Superior Level of Redundancy

Data loss can be detrimental to any business, especially restaurants. Choosing a POS with offline mode that offers a superior level of redundancy can ensure that your data is kept safe and easily accessible. This is made possible via localized back-ups for peer-to-peer communication, along with storing data in multiple locations such as an offline database, backup file servers, and the cloud.



Plan Ahead

No restaurant owner, operator, or manager wants to deal with an internet outage and the possible headaches that come along with it. However, planning ahead for an outage can help keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. Here are a few things you can do to avoid having to rely on offline mode:

  • Alternative wifi. If you frequently have internet connectivity issues, it might be a good idea to add an additional internet plan. This will allow you to remain connected if one of your networks goes down.

  • Backup router with 4G/wireless data. Implement a network router capable of 4G/wireless data backup connection with automatic connection failover, access to 4G LTE data, along with hardware and monitoring.

  • Signal boosters. If you have a spotty or unreliable internet connection, signal boosters/extenders can help improve your connection to reduce downtime.



Choose a Restaurant POS that won’t leave you hanging

Your restaurant POS is a major factor in determining how your restaurant will function in the event of an internet outage. With RPOWER offline mode, you’ll be equipped with all of the features and capabilities you need to continue operating until connectivity is restored. Contact RPOWER today and discover how a POS that functions offline can ensure you don’t lose out on your valuable sales

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