RPOWER POS - 4 Essential Tips VARs Need to Know to Help Clients Improve Restaurant Efficiency

4 Essential Tips VARs Need to Know to Help Clients Improve Restaurant Efficiency

4 Essential Tips VARs Need to Know to Help Clients Improve Restaurant Efficiency

4 Essential Tips VARs Need to Know to Help Clients Improve Restaurant Efficiency

In this day and age, with high labor costs, growing demand, and steep competition, restaurant owners are all looking for that magic pill that boosts restaurant efficiency. But sometimes, that “magic pill” is also the one that’s hardest to swallow: boosting efficiency is going to require an investment.

With such a tough market, and business owners so reluctant to risk anything, it can be difficult for VARs to convincingly demonstrate why it’s worth it for restaurant owners to invest in technology solutions, and how these solutions are designed to improve restaurant efficiency. Here are some tips to help:

Know the ROI of Streamlined Order Management

Some restaurant owners may see long lines as a good thing—a sign that business is booming, so to speak. At the same time, these long lines and wait times reduce the number of orders that restaurants can take, which causes their bottom line to stagnate. Even though most realize that this is a problem, they don’t see it as one that can be easily solved.

It’s important to help them see that this can be done easily and efficiently with the right solution, such as kitchen video display, which helps kitchen staff expedite order preparation, or an integrated online ordering platform, which sends orders right to the POS and keeps operations more organized.

Show How Technology Helps Automate the Day-to-Day

Sometimes, restaurant owners fail to see the value of automating tasks they can complete themselves, but just because they can do it themselves, doesn’t mean that they can do it efficiently and accurately every time. Centralized data and analytics solutions can help owners gain better visibility into what they need in order to increase restaurant efficiency.

Ultimately, leveraging better, more accurate data helps save money in the long run. They can use it to reduce waste, optimize labor so that schedules and coverage is ideal for the time of day, and identify trends that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent.

Leverage the Power of Integrations

A restaurant owner dreads accounting (who doesn’t?), so offering flexible technology that can integrate with accounting software can help solve these day-to-day challenges. Flexibility shouldn’t end with accounting software, however.

Some restaurant owners may not see the value of integrations, but having a variety of options for integrations keeps them from having to commit to technology that may back them into a corner and force them to commit to a solution that doesn’t solve all their needs. Flexibility with integrations helps open doors to new potential customers, and can increase add-on sales with current ones.  

Always be Nurturing Relationships

The best resellers are the ones that make genuine connections and nurture the best relationships. You’ll need to do a bit more work on your end, but it’s worth it to have relationships with loyal customers based on trust and mutual understanding. To achieve these types of relationships:

  • Never stop asking questions.
  • Never stop learning about the industry and technology advancements.
  • Never stop researching ways that new innovations can help current and potential customers.

When you spend time researching the industry, not only will you establish yourself as an expert, but you can impart this knowledge on your clients to help them increase restaurant efficiency. Your clients will trust that you know what you’re doing, and that you have their best interests at heart.

The Technology Aspect

Sometimes potential clients are reluctant to invest in new solutions, despite it being beneficial for business. As a reseller, it’s your job to demonstrate why your solutions will help them in the long run by increasing efficiency. Of course, it’s helpful if you offer technology with inherent value in the first place.

RPOWER offers restaurant solutions designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency, while being capable of integrating with a wide range of restaurant technology. To learn more about our solutions and how you can help your clients improve restaurant efficiency, contact us today.

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