RPOWER POS - Four Tips for Restaurant POS Resellers to Close More Bar and Nightclub Sales

Four Tips for Restaurant POS Resellers to Close More Bar and Nightclub Sales

Four Tips for Restaurant POS Resellers to Close More Bar and Nightclub Sales

Being a POS reseller isn’t a cushy job—it requires a lot of time and effort to find leads and close sales. Don’t just pigeonhole yourself into selling only to one vertical. Think outside the box and branch out to different scenes like that of nightlife. 

Here are some strategies to help you close more bar and nightclub sales: 

Visit Bars and Nightclubs
The best way to familiarize yourself with the industry is to immerse yourself in it. Visit different bars and nightclubs and see how they are currently operating and what issues they may be experiencing that you can help them solve. Become a familiar face and establish a rapport to show owners and managers that you are familiar with the bar and nightclub demands.

Clearly Identify the Problems Your Solution can Help Solve
Showing potential customers that you understand the industry is only half the battle. To close more bar and nightclub sales, you’ll need to demonstrate how your solution can help solve the issue. Don’t just rely on what needs your customers mention. Many have needs they aren’t able to articulate or problems they aren’t aware can be solved. You may be able to offer solutions customers didn’t even know they needed. 
Dig into your client history to find anecdotes about other bar and nightclub owners who have found success. Potential customers can visualize themselves achieving the same level of success. This also helps show your commitment to the industry and your experience with bar and nightclub owners. 

Integration is Key
There is no sense in a business owner investing in a solution that can’t integrate with other useful technology they need. If you want to close more bar and nightclub sales, you’ll need to offer a solution that can help take orders, craft schedules, manage inventory, and process payments with seamless integrations. 
Don’t forget all about all that is required for back-office operations. Chose a system that integrates with bookkeeping apps and programs such as QuickBooks to save time and limit data re-entry. This is especially important to bar and nightclub owners, who are often too busy to operate across disparate systems. There is a lot of value in a solution that can help them save time and money. 

The Need for Speed
All of this effort will go to waste if you can’t offer a solution that adequately addresses the needs of bar and nightclub owners. Offering a solution like RPOWER’s restaurant POS system ensures that you are able to meet these needs and ultimately close more bar and nightclub sales. 
Some great selling points that help meet these needs:  

Fast ordering speeds
RPOWER is the fastest POS on the market, which is good for high-demand industries where orders are taken and filled in quick succession. 

Reliable and durable
In an industry where customers can get unruly, owners can’t risk flimsy technology. One damaged terminal can end up costing them thousands. Additionally, one minute of downtime could result in hundreds of dollars of lost profits. RPOWER’s offline mode sets the standard for reliability.

Speedy transactions
RPOWER POS can process credit cards in 2 seconds or less saving valuable time. It can also process credit cards even in an internet outage. 

If you’re looking to close more bar and nightclub sales, you can’t just rely on the same strategy you use to close sales for other industries. Bars and nightclubs are unique in their needs and their demands. You need to put in the legwork to really understand these needs, and offer a solution that is equally unique in capabilities, like RPOWER’s restaurant POS system. 


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