RPOWER POS - How to Leverage Point of Sale Integrations to Win More Sales

How to Leverage Point of Sale Integrations to Win More Sales

How to Leverage Point of Sale Integrations to Win More Sales

RPOWER point of sale (POS) is a professional grade solution, and professionals have unique needs. RPOWER POS resellers understand that the core product has unmatched reliability, and a unique benefit of RPOWER’s solution is that it ALSO has the ability to integrate with more than 100 different POS integrations. This means that you can offer solutions to your customers that can scale as their business grows. In addition, with integrations, a customer only has to learn one new piece of technology to gain that functionality. The solutions RPOWER integrates with can be used as tools that can help you win more sales. 
Here’s how: 
Get Your Foot in the Door 
The first step is to build a connection with the customer. POS resellers that offer a wide variety of POS integrations automatically have a bigger foot in the door for customers, wherever they are in the buying cycle. 
For customers that may already have a POS system, but are experiencing problems with their online ordering solutions, you can offer an integration that meets their needs. If they end up buying that integration, you will be positioned to sell deeper into that account further on down the road. 
Meet Top Line Growth Goals
In order to win more sales, you will have to understand what goals your clients are hoping to achieve. Some customers are looking for top line growth – how they can expand, or add a revenue stream. The obvious answer would be through POS integrations, such as: 
• Gift
• Loyalty 
• Online ordering 
Whichever integration suits their needs, it’s important for POS resellers to demonstrate the ROI when pitching it in order to win more sales. Help your customers understand what they could make in additional revenue each month, and show the value of your services in relationship to that. 
Grow Their Bottom Line
While some customers are more concerned with top line growth, others are looking to grow their bottom line, which usually means finding ways to cut costs. Luckily, there is an integration for that! 
POS integrations like 
• Pay at the table
• Accounting/payroll
• Labor management solutions
• Inventory management 
POS resellers can offer any one or more of these integrations that have been proven to promote bottom line growth. Provide details on how each integration can help cut costs, and use anecdotes or examples to help your customer understand how to best apply the solution to their own goals. 
Pitch Your Services
Sometimes, customers are just comfortable with the status quo. What this usually means is that they are afraid of the additional technical responsibility that comes with the purchase of POS integrations. This can give POS resellers an opportunity to upsell, however, by offering management services. 
If your customer is intimidated by the thought of maintaining and managing their solutions, let them know that you can manage the technology for them, and charge for the service. 
When you focus all of your efforts on selling one type of solution with limited POS integrations, you run the risk of pigeonholing yourself. POS resellers need to offer a solution with a wide variety of integrations so they can easily meet their customers’ needs and win more sales. 

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