RPOWER POS - How to Successfully Drive Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

How to Successfully Drive Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

How to Successfully Drive Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

How to Successfully Drive Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

Like it or not, the digital age is here and it’s making its mark on the restaurant industry. Many consumers are looking for more ways to keep up with the changing environment, even in their meals. For example, 60 percent of U.S. Consumers ordering delivery or take-out at least once a week and a whopping 31 percent say they use third-party delivery services at least twice a week, and it’s only projected to grow from there. 

Don’t let your restaurant get left behind when it comes to the trend. Follow these tips to help your restaurant stay on trend and successfully drive online restaurant ordering sales: 

Build a marketing strategy for online ordering.

It’s no secret that online ordering is more popular now than it ever has been. Restaurants that offer online ordering for both pick-up and delivery services have many advantages that help grow their revenue, drive restaurant online ordering sales, and with the right marketing strategy, see an increase in profits.

In-store messaging is essential for getting the message out about your online ordering platform, and is a good way to drive traffic to your website to place orders—especially if it’s customers who already know and love what your restaurant offers. For example: utilize the back of your receipt paper to advertise your online ordering platform and offer discounts and promotions. 

Leverage data collected from online orders.

Collecting customer data from online orders can help set your restaurant up for success. Not only do you get bigger orders on average compared to non-digital orders, you also gain valuable information from customers.

See who your regular customers are, what products they order the most, and what times are most popular for online orders to help deliver an overall better customer experience. Also, by putting your customer data to work for you, as a restaurant owner or manager you can create targeted and personalized promotions in order to help drive restaurant online ordering sales.

Choose a POS provider that removes the complexity of managing and handling online ordering partners.

Don’t let the fear of online orders stop your restaurant from offering this convenience to your customers. By choosing a point of sale provider that integrates with online ordering platforms, managing your orders can be easier than you ever thought possible.  

RPOWER integrates directly with online ordering platforms, meaning that when the platform is receives an order, it's sent to the RPOWER POS system and automatically gets entered into the order queue to appear on the kitchen display system (KDS), meaning your system won’t miss online orders that come through.

Drive online orders.

Launching an online ordering platform is easier now than most restaurant owners realize, especially with an online system that integrates directly with your restaurant point of sale system. 

Discover how RPOWER’s host of integrations and partners can help your restaurant drive online ordering sales.

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