RPOWER POS - Kitchen Display Systems: 3 Benefits for your Restaurant Back of House

Kitchen Display Systems: 3 Benefits for your Restaurant Back of House

Kitchen Display Systems: 3 Benefits for your Restaurant Back of House

Trends in technology have nearly entirely replaced traditional pen and paper. So why are you still relying on handwritten tickets for your back of house operations? Kitchen display systems (KDS) are a digital replacement for paper tickets and kitchen receipt printers. Orders are sent from your restaurant POS (point of sale) system and are conveniently presented on the digital display. It’s more than just a screen though—it offers a host of benefits and efficiencies that your business can benefit from.

Increase Speed and Accuracy

Traditional tickets may be tried and true, but they can also be cumbersome, involving several steps to accomplish the same goal that a kitchen display system can provide. With the old route, servers have to handwrite orders and walk the ticket back to the kitchen or re-enter the order into a POS system where it is then printed in the back.

These paper tags can easily get lost or messy in the whirlwind of the kitchen. Not to mention, handwriting and shorthand can be misinterpreted, resulting in an inaccurate order—costing precious time and money for your restaurant.

A kitchen display system allows kitchen staff to see orders at a glance, along with the time that the order was entered. Multiple workers can view the ticket at the same time, allowing prep to begin simultaneously at various stations.

Not only does this allow your kitchen to work faster and more effectively, it will increase overall customer satisfaction and table turnover. Your guests will be pleased at how quickly they receive their food—mistake free. Plus, you can serve more guests the faster you are able to get through the order and preparation process.

Reduce Costs

Kitchen display systems are an investment up front, but you will see the return on investment quickly. Consider the costs associated with your current receipt printer—printing materials like paper and ink as well as maintenance costs add up quickly.

Other operation costs can also be reduced with your kitchen display system. Food waste will be reduced greatly as orders are completed more accurately (so they won’t have to be tossed and remade as a result of a mistake).

The time stamp on the kitchen display system can also ensure that labor costs are kept to a minimum. If an order is taking too long, staff will be warned. You’ll be able to see the data on how long orders are taking from start to finish – and you can see which staff are working effectively and which aren’t and act accordingly.

Seamless Integration

When it comes to updating and implementing new restaurant technology a kitchen display system is one of the easiest solutions to implement. It seamlessly integrates with POS restaurant systems, which not only makes communication between the front and back of house easier, it also allows for more data and reports for your back-office operations.

Plus, online and delivery orders can easily integrate with your kitchen display, so the benefits extend well beyond guests seated in the restaurant. Orders placed online are sent straight into the queue and won’t be missed, ensuring guest satisfaction.


With the tight competition of the restaurant industry, every dime, efficiency, and insight can be the game changer you need to set your restaurant apart. A kitchen display system isn’t just an upgraded ticket, it’s a critical component of your overall workflow strategy.

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