RPOWER POS - The Best Tips Yet for Effective Restaurant Management

The Best Tips Yet for Effective Restaurant Management

The Best Tips Yet for Effective Restaurant Management

The Best Tips Yet for Effective Restaurant Management

Discovering the best practices for effective restaurant management can be a daunting task. With so many responsibilities on your plate, ensuring that everything is running smooth is no easy feat, even for an experienced restaurant manager.

Getting customers in your seats, ensuring they are satisfied, and getting those customers to come back are top-of-mind in the industry, especially in the midst of the ever-changing industry trends. Here are some of the best tips yet for effective restaurant management tactics you can put to work for you in your restaurant today:

Stop Doing Double Entry

Stop seeing double! Well, double entry that is. If you’re entering sales into your point of sale system, they should be integrated with your accounting software, like QuickBooks, for instance.

If your software isn’t seamlessly integrated,, you’ll be doing double entry. Don’t waste your valuable time with this, especially if you run a high-volume restaurant where processing one transaction per minute is typical. Save your valuable time for more effective restaurant management tasks.

Here are some of the areas where an integrated approach can help in streamlining your management processes:

  • New hire reporting to government agencies
  • Payroll and tax administration
  • HR record keeping
  • Restaurant inventory management

Grow Your Revenue Streams

When it comes to your restaurant, you want to be sure that your tools and plans for effective restaurant management include strategies for growing and developing new streams of revenue. Reaching customers where they are cannot only help increase your visibility to the customers you already know and love, but it can also help attract new customers to your restaurant.

For example, experimenting with new and fun promotions, deals, and specials can help attract new customers to your restaurant. Have a happy hour with drinks inspired by popular TV shows, showcase fun décor that can be captured and shared on social media by your guests, or even host a margarita special for a Cinco de Mayo to entice customers.

Also, online ordering has tremendously increased in popularity over the past several years with the increased use of apps like Grub Hub and Uber Eats to deliver meals from restaurants that don’t typically deliver. Implement an online ordering system that works seamlessly with your POS system to help you tap into this revenue stream.

Streamline Onboarding and Employee Labor Management

A hard truth about the restaurant industry is there is an incredibly high turnover rate, with the average tenure of restaurant employees being less than two months.  Therefore, streamlining your onboarding and employee labor management processes makes it easy to enter and remove employees from your payroll system, saving you valuable time and increasing efficiency in your restaurant management tasks.

Choosing a POS system that can integrate with fingerprint devices for clock-ins can help with accountability and make labor management easier as well, especially when it is integrated into the same system you’re already using for point of sale and inventory management.


Overall, the most important part of managing a restaurant is ensuring that the processes you have in place best fit your restaurant needs. Most owners and managers are constantly thinking and planning effective restaurant management practices that make sense for their business and streamline operations while also providing customers with what they desire.

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