RPOWER POS - Three Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best POS for Bar and Nightclub Management

Three Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best POS for Bar and Nightclub Management

Three Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best POS for Bar and Nightclub Management

In today’s fast-paced bar and nightclub industry, the speed and accuracy of your ordering system can be a determining factor in how well your business can compete in the industry. But what happens if you’re not up to date?

Don’t let your current point of sale system get you down, especially if it is hindering your growth and sacrificing speed and accuracy of your customers’ orders. Here are three things to consider when your establishment is in the market for the best POS for bar and nightclub management to help your business make an upgrade:

Speed is key:

One of the most important aspects of bar and night club management is the speed of transactions. However, speed doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice customer service or the quality of your drinks and products.

One way to help with accuracy, speed, and give an added layer of customer service is to have a strategic bar set-up at your establishment. Having a good set-up behind the bar with the most commonly ordered liquors and beers within an arm’s reach of the bartender, as well as the ice and garnishes they need will make their job much easier and customers will get their orders much faster.

Also, the best POS for your bar or nightclub has the power to handle high-volume transactions at a pace that matches customer traffic. The right software will help you meet demand, ensuring you don’t miss a sale, as well as letting you change or surge prices on demand and with ease for your specials or big events.

Power of Integration:

Look for a POS that has the ability to integrate with a variety of third party applications to make managing your bar or nightclub from one system easier.

Look for POS systems that can accommodate:

  • Instant reorder
  • Setting multiple price levels for specials, happy hours, and event price surges
  • Labor, product, and sales reports right from the dashboard
  • Processing transaction with or without the internet-meaning customers never know the internet was out
  • Easy integration with third party apps for your individual business management needs with tools such as QuickBooks

Fast Payment Processing Power:

Customers don’t like to wait and neither should you! Look for a bar and nightclub POS that has fast payment processing. Some of the leading systems allow you to preauthorize credit cards via EMV in under 2 seconds. This helps protect your business from potentially costly chargebacks and ensures payment for the tabs stored in the POS system, without having your customers to wait on payment processing for their order.


Speed, accuracy, and integrations aren’t all you should be looking for in a point of sale system for your bar or nightclub. Reliability should also be top of mind when choosing the system that is best for your needs.

Losing a single POS terminal in a high-volume restaurant, bar, or nightclub can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue in just one night. See how RPOWER’S bar and nightclub point of sale solutions set the standard when it comes to choosing the best POS for bar and nightclub management.






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