Using your restaurant POS system to boost productivity

Using your restaurant POS system to boost productivity

Using your restaurant POS system to boost productivity


Doing more with less is something many restaurant owners aspire to do. Yet despite best intentions, creating effective and efficient workflows that keep your restaurant running like a well-oiled machine can be a bit tricky due to the unpredictability of numerous moving parts. 

The reality is that you’ve got multiple people handling multiple tasks to ensure that customers enjoy their experience. With so much going on, the margin for error can be high and a single mishap can snowball into another very quickly. Before you know it, tables are getting double booked, customers are receiving wrong orders, and when bills finally reach the table, there are all sorts of errors. 

When a restaurant’s rhythm is frequently off-kilter, it not only impacts sales and reputation, but also overall employee morale and satisfaction. Workers don’t want to come to work to struggle and feel overwhelmed. But if you're armed with the right POS system, you can take back control and set your team up for success. 

Here’s 3 ways in which the right POS system can help:

1. A Kitchen Display System Reduces Manual Processes

No cook likes replacing printer paper in the middle of service, and no customer wants their order messed up due to printer or communication issues. With a kitchen display system integrated with your point of sale system, orders are sent directly from your server terminals to a much more manageable display system on the line. Cooks see order details as they come in, and FOH staff can track order progress along the way to communicate with customers.  

2. Real-Time Visualization Enhances Floor and Table Management 

Whether you over or underestimate the number of visitors in a day, ongoing booking errors can cost you money. Beyond that, restaurants move fast and your staff needs a reliable way to see which tables are ready for seating or need to be cleaned, and which guests are still waiting for food. Your POS should provide a graphical view of tables with color coding that allows everyone to quickly spot issues and solve problems before they arise. 

3. Integration can Reduce Time-Sucking Adminstrative Tasks 

Scheduling employees, managing payroll, and tracking inventory are all necessary to run your restaurant, but these are time-consuming tasks, especially when done manually. Using a point of sale system and third party integrations, you can streamline every corner of your restaurant operation. It connects every aspect of your business and communicates information between functions so that you can skip manually transcribing information from one system to another. 

Final Thoughts 

Boosting productivity is the key to doing more with less, and with the right technology, you can take back control. With a reliable restaurant point of sale system, today's leaders are able to streamline processes and speed up day-to-day tasks so that they can focus on what really matters — running and growing their business. 

If you’d like to learn more about improving your business, then get our free guide which teaches you how to use your POS system to increase profitability and improve the customer experience. 

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