RPOWER POS-Autoclerk integration: Billing to room made easy


Autoclerk is a provider of property management software solutions that are used in the hospitality community. It helps hospitality businesses manage reservations, look up customers, track revenue, streamline housekeeping, track availability, and more. For hospitality businesses with attached food service operations, the RPOWER-Autoclerk integration creates a bridge between the two in order to streamline billing. Here’s how:

Customer lookup

For customers who don’t want to pay at the restaurant, the integration connects RPOWER and Autoclerk to give front of house staff the ability to look up customers and determine if they are allowed to charge it to the room.

Bill to room

If the customer is allowed to charge their bill to their room, RPOWER sends a request to Autoclerk for authorization. If approved, RPOWER closes the check and inserts the bill into the hotel system.

Reduce manual work

Instead of calling back and forth between the restaurant and hotel, the RPOWER-Autoclerk communicates automatically, reducing the need for manual inputs and sending/approving billing requests.

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