Sending data from RPOWER POS to Avero empowers restaurateurs with the answers they need to transform their businesses.

Avero is the trusted technology partner for the food and beverage industry. We empower 40,000+ hospitality professionals with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives, getting them out of the back office and into the kitchen with their staff, onto the floor with their guests, and at home with their families.

We’ve grown to more than 10,000 customers and 40,000 users, because they share our core beliefs:

  • Better hospitality does not come from more time in the back office
  • Data is at the heart of good decision-making
  • Operators should be empowered by data and technology, not hindered by it
  • Most importantly, these customers inform our vision. They enable us to build products that solve their biggest needs. And they demand our service team can solve their big problems, no matter how large the organization.
  • Plus, our integrations save you time. We automatically compile, cleanse and standardize data from every relevant source, including: Point-of-Sale (POS), Time & Attendance, Weather, Local and National Events, Social Media, Review Sites and more.
  • And because we sell our software as a subscription, if we don’t make a positive impact on our customers’ businesses they won’t renew. Our 90%+ renewal rate speaks for itself.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!