Get the best value from your inventory

ChefTec offers a suite of foodservice ops software that helps restaurants and other food service businesses stay on top of their operations. Its three products, ChefTec, ChefTec Plus, and Cheftec Ultra, integrate with RPOWER restaurant point of sale system to help businesses decrease overspending on inventory and increase profits. Here's how:

Inventory Control 

RPOWER provides a daily post to ChefTec of all your product sales data to monitor usage, waste, and inventory on hand, helping you keep costs in check. 

Lot Tracking

By integrating with your point of sale system, ChefTec can help you protect your customers and your business when there are food recalls.

Recipe & Menu Costing

The RPOWER-ChefTec integration allows you to quickly create and cost out recipes with adjustable food cost percentages and portion sizing to keep your menu profitable. 

Sales Analysis

By pulling sales data from your point of sale system, ChefTec helps you track menu performance and make informed business decisions based on ingredient usage. 

Nutritional Analysis 

The ChefTec-RPOWER POS integration helps you easily calculate nutritional content, generate nutritional labels, and flag common allergens to comply with FDA labeling requirements.


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