Organize your ledger and take control of your bottom line by integrating with multiple Compeat solutions. Your RPOWER terminals take care of all in-house order entry and reporting needs while sharing this information seamlessly with Compeat, so you don’t have to transcribe data.  


It’s never been easier to get organized with the RPOWER-Compeat accounting integration. RPOWER posts all of its sales and payment information for the integration to classify into the general ledger. Easily combine other Compeat solutions such as labor, inventory, scheduling, and more to fully sync all restaurant accounting related information in one place. 

  • Conduct user audit trails 
  • Convertible purchase order and invoice imports 

Keep more of the money you make by reducing food waste and increasing visibility. When connected to RPOWER, menu item sales, discounts, void information, and more is shared to the integration. Compeat’s restaurant inventory management solution keeps tabs on what you have in stock, calculates shelf life to make the most out of perishable goods, and analyzes daily data to identify menu trends and their impact to your bottom line. Be prepared for peak times by cross analyzing your inventory to Compeat’s stats on most used ingredients or most sold meals.

  • Compare theoretical and actual usage
  • Count inventory using scannable barcodes 
  • Shelf life forecasting 
  • Menu engineering analysis 
  • Recipe analysis 

Connecting to Compeat’s labor solution is easy when you connect your RPOWER POS terminal to the application. All time punch data is automatically synced from the RPOWER terminal to Compeat, which conveniently applies local labor laws including state, federal, and jurisdictional rules. 

Employee Records: Say goodbye to paper, binders, and folders. All employee records such as certifications, evaluations, and pay raises can all be kept within the solution for easy access to management. 
Combat Overtime: Make the most out of your labor by pulling reports from Compeat and receiving overtime warnings through your POS system. 
Reporting: Easily access reports for tip compliance, labor, and more. 

With Compeat, it’s effortless to handle multi store and multi job employees. Create payroll-ready files and calculate daily labor costs through a single source that is accessible anywhere. 

File important paperwork electronically including:

  • 940
  • 941
  • 8027
  • W-2
  • 1094
  • 1095
  • and more 

Create check details including payroll validation, HR reports, 401K, and pay raise history.

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