RPOWER POS - DataCap Integration:

Securely accept any payment, platform, or processor

RPOWER partners with DataCap to provide a seamlessly integrated agnostic processing solution, enabling integrated credit, debit, and gift transactions through almost any payment processor in North America. 

Bridging the gap between terminal and payment processor, this integration allows restaurants to choose their own merchant and easily accept payments without interacting with DataCap directly or handling payment data. DataCap operates discreetly in the background, ensuring that merchants only need to interact with RPOWER. 

Payment data is sent directly from RPOWER terminals to the payment gateway, meaning that all payment data bypasses the POS system to ensure greater security and easier compliance. 

Increased flexibility

DataCap NETePay is compatible with dozens of pre-certified, EMV-ready devices from leading OEM providers. This includes countertop terminals, mobile and tablet POS, kiosks, and more.

Processor agnostic

The RPOWER-DataCap integration delivers instant access to every major processor in North America along with thousands of ISOs and merchant service providers, allowing restaurants to keep their existing merchant account or to shop around for the best rates.

Comprehensive reporting

On top of RPOWER’s suite of powerful reporting and analytics, the DataCap integration unlocks built-in database management, reporting and other administrative functions.

Stronger security

Transactions are validated for secure processing, with encrypted communications between your EMV terminal and the payment processor. Additional options for PCI-Validated P2PE, Direct E2EE, Cross-Platform tokenization and EMV, DataCap is the top choice for the security-conscious.

Streamlined compliance

Since RPOWER POS does not handle sensitive card or payment data directly, this integration streamlines compliance and reduces costs to restaurants.

Improved efficiency

The integration allows restaurants to easily add EMV chip readers to their point of sale and unlock the ability to accept payments at tableside in order to increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

Simple implementation

DataCap’s processing solutions are already integrated into your RPOWER system and are pre-certified so that restaurants can get up and running quickly. 


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