Food cost management 

The first step to making the most of your inventory is to connect RPOWER POS to Efish’s Food Cost Management integration. Compare actual versus theoretical food costs to put an end to food waste, shrinkage, and more.  
This integration will suggest what to order based on previous orders, sales forecasts, and the inventory you already have in-store. And since it syncs directly from RPOWER POS, this integration has access to the real-time data it needs. 
Food production costs
Predict food costs for any time period (day, week, shift, and more) by leveraging historical consumption through the integration.  

Labor Management 
The RPOWER-Efish integration allows restaurants to manage shifts by defining personal labor rules and relationships. Organize skill sets, task assignments, certifications, and more to get the most out of your scheduled employees for the day. 
Avoid overtime by setting alerts to reduce any unnecessary labor costs.  
Share employees across multiple restaurant locations while staying compliant to other state and local regulatory requirements. 

Inventory Management 
Take control of inventory costs through smart technology that collectively tracks and predicts inventory usage.
One or multiple 
The integration tracks usage from procurement to consumption by using daily sales data from your RPOWER POS system, simplifying the management of multiple stores. 
Reduce waste 
With real-time tracking of your inventory, you can reduce waste by keeping an eye on your usage for the day to determine if every ingredient is being used to its full potential.

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