Connect with the RPOWER-Givex restaurant gift and loyalty integration to increase sales, connect with your customers, and reward your regulars. 

Why Should Restaurants Integrate with Givex?

Implementing restaurant gift and loyalty is the easiest way to increase average ticket prices while actively spreading brand awareness. 
Gift: Did you know that 41% of customers try a business for the first time after receiving their gift card? Gift cards are a great way to grow restaurant brand awareness by allowing your customers to share their favorite dining spots with their friends and family. 
Loyalty: Givex makes your loyalty app dreams a reality by allowing users to customize their loyalty program to perfection. The application is quick to launch with no downtime while remaining PCI compliant, ensuring that customer data is always kept safe. 

Ever find yourself at a restaurant holding up the line because you can’t decide what to order? Us too. 
Give your customers another way to conveniently place their order on their own time, in a judgement-free environment. The Givex integration is connected to an IOS and Android-friendly mobile application that pairs seamlessly to our point of sale solution. As orders come in through the mobile app, they are automatically sent to RPOWER POS terminals so there is no need for any additional hardware or time consuming transcription of data. 

The Givex-RPOWER integration is fully equipped on every possible report restaurant owners would like to see. 
Givex combined with RPOWER’s point of sale solution offers over 400 reports to choose from that are updated in real time, making it easier than ever to effectively track ROI from anywhere at any time. Whether you own and operate a single store or multiple at an enterprise level, analyze every aspect of your program’s performance with the ability to predict future performance to prepare for peak times. The platform is fully customizable, allowing users to set specific permissions for each team member. 
Compare and contrast analytics between restaurants when operating multiple locations or at an enterprise level. 
Generate reports automatically on a pre-set schedule and set up delivery to a secure FTP or email address.

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