RPOWER POS-Kickfin integration: Send tips directly to your employees’ bank accounts


Most restaurants pay their employee tips in cash at the end of each shift or make their employees wait to receive their tips via payroll. With Kickfin, restaurants can issue tips to their employees electronically — no cash, no envelopes, and no waiting around. Through the integration with the RPOWER restaurant point of sale system, restaurant owners can save tons of time and hassle by streamlining the tip out process. Here’s how: 


Traditional tip out processes can be time consuming and prone to human error, not to mention frustrating when you need to make bank runs to get more cash. Beyond that, theft and loss is also a real concern. The RPOWER integration allows Kickfin to log tip information directly from the point-of-sale system, which makes it easy to issue tips directly to employee bank accounts. 


Kickfin lets you issue direct payments to employee bank accounts 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. It does not matter whether it’s a holiday or not. When it comes time to tip out, simply select the day—or a specific number of days—you want to tip out for, and boom! It’s done. 


You’ll have full visibility into your tip payments and detailed reporting for accounting and IRS compliance. 


Kickfin is 100% PCI compliant. Employees aren’t required to share routing or accounting numbers; they simply enter their own debit card information, and it’s tokenized—which means it’s never stored on the platform or by the restaurant.

Employee Satisfaction

Attracting and keeping quality employees is a top priority. The ability to pay out tips immediately and digitally can make you more competitive as an employer, and help keep your current staff happy.

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