RPOWER POS-MarginEdge Integration: The most effective way to manage food costs and automate back-office operations 

Imagine having real-time insight into your food and labor costs? With the MarginEdge and RPOWER POS integration, you can do just that. 

By connecting your RPOWER POS and accounting, MarginEdge can automate your invoice processing and digitize your back office — which means your team saves hours on paperwork and you get instant insights into prime costs that you can act on. 

Benefits of the RPOWER POS and MarginEdge Integration 

See your daily P&L: MarginEdge processes invoices, records inventories and pulls sales/labor data from RPOWER POS to create daily reports that are filled with useful insights. Couple this with RPOWER’s powerful analytics view, and you’ve got tons of essential data to help run your restaurant effectively and efficiently. 

Automated Invoice Processing

Submit invoices via photos through the app, email, platform upload or EDI. Products and SKUs are related across vendors and directly synced to the accounting system.

Recipe costing

Cost out prepped and plated menu items with automatically-updated product prices to quickly see profitability. 

Price history

Keep tabs on changing vendor pricing across products and monitor creeping prices before they start impacting your bottom line. 

Budget tracking

Set up specific budgets for any categories—food, wine, repairs, or whatever else you may want to track. Based on percentages of sales or a fixed dollar amount, you’ll see whether you’re over or under target throughout the period.

Labor summaries

View your labor expenses by category, including employee or job title. You can compare labor costs to sales performance for optimized staffing efficiency.


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