Have you ever wondered how much of your business depends on repeat customers? The RPOWER - Market Vitals integration can help with that.


Restaurant business intelligence at your fingertips 

The best way to learn about your customers is through their repeat behaviors. The Marketing Vitals integration allows restaurant owners to dissect daily sales to gain an accurate analysis of which KPIs are being impacted by all areas of business. 

Menu Analysis: Learn your customer’s dining preferences through predictive sales and guest frequency.  

  • Analyze and optimize menu performance 

  • Find out which menu items work best as combinations

  • Learn how to price your menu based on sales 

Pricing Strategy: Struggling with pricing your menu appropriately? RPOWER automatically shares sales data from the last 10 weeks so Marketing Vitals can generate price suggestions for each menu item.  


Engage Your Employees

Incentivize your employees to make more sales by creating contests through the RPOWER-Marketing Vitals integration.

Performance-Based Ranking

Look into each team member’s performance in order to determine which employee should work what schedule. 


Why connect Marketing Vitals to your RPOWER point of sale system? 

Working in the restaurant industry can be a stressful job. With the long hours, limited time, and a limited budget, it can be difficult to alot several hours to transcribing information from your POS to a business intelligence integration. When an integration is linked to our point of sale solution, data is automatically shared with the application, saving time and ensuring accurate transcription so you don’t have to.  


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