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RPOWER POS and MiCamp Integration: Innovative Payment Solutions to Maximize Profit

MiCamp Solutions supports customers by helping them find innovative solutions to maximize profit. Since 2007, MiCamp has helped more than 20,000 merchants process $11 billion in annual transactions. Today, the company goes far beyond credit card processing to provide product offerings in financing, funding, and payment analytics. Connecting the RPOWER restaurant POS system with MiCamp empowers businesses to: 

  • Securely process credit and debit card payments 

  • Accept both virtual and in-person payments 

  • Eliminate credit card processing fees 

  • Save money on every sale with competitive processing rates 

  • Protect your business and your customers with secure solutions 

The integration of RPOWER POS and MiCamp solutions gives you the options to securely accept more forms of payment while maximizing your profit. Through this connection, you will receive access to the following benefits: 

0% credit card processing fee program 

Stop absorbing the cost of credit card transactions, and use Micamp’s WAVit program to pass those fees onto your customers or give them the option to pay cash. 

With WAVit, you can charge different prices for cash and credit card purchases. There’s no need to make manual changes to your prices; simply notify your customers that there are two prices: the higher listed price is for credit cards, and the lower price is for cash. This incentivizes customers to pay with cash and enables you to pay zero credit card processing fees. 

Flexible payment options 

MiCamp makes it possible to accept both virtual and in-person payments. This gives you the flexibility to take payments over the phone, online, or in your physical location. No matter how your customers prefer to pay, you can process payments seamlessly. 


MiCamp’s solutions are highly secure to protect your business and your customers. 

Above-and-beyond customer service 

Receive personalized customer service to walk you through choosing the payment terminals that are right for your business, the installation process, and using the system on an ongoing basis.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!