Another way for your customers to conveniently place their order. 

OLO flawlessly integrates with RPOWER POS to provide online ordering to your customers. Online ordering not only spreads the word about your business, but also grows sales over time by attracting a new market of customers that are hungry for your meals.    
Another way to market. 
OLO provides a new way to spread the word about your business, while also offering your existing patrons another way to enjoy your meals. 
It’s easy. 
With RPOWER’s takeout and delivery integrations, you can still attract customers that don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their home with a convenient way to order from your restaurant. 
It’s safe. 
Since customers will be paying on their mobile devices through the RPOWER-OLO integration, they will never have to be without their card while you never have to worry about a called-in order that never got picked up. 

How it works: 
When a customer places an order through OLO, it fires directly to your RPOWER POS terminals just as it usually would when a customer is ordering from within the store. OLO will notify your guest about the estimated time of arrival, while you’re free to set delivery parameters. 
Through the platform’s delivery options, restaurant owners are able to take full control without any of the heavy lifting. OLO takes care of delivery mapping and sending out drivers so there’s no need to hire more employees just for online orders. The integration allows you to adjust transit time, fee limits, and more right in the application. 

OLO Switchboard 
Streamline phone ordering, takeout, and catering through OLO’s Switchboard. The Switchboard allows for your staff to fully focus on in-store service while OLO takes care of any external orders in real time.

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