The RPOWER-Paychex integration makes it easy to streamline payroll, HR, and benefits with online tools to manage and organize your hardworking staff. 

What’s the difference between integrating to a payroll service versus doing it yourself?
Logging employee hours on a daily basis includes a lot of time and effort, but that’s only a small part of the responsibility that comes with payroll. Here’s a preview of what you have to personally remember if you aren’t integrated to a payroll platform: 

  1. Individual salary, hourly, and contracted employees and their earnings 
  2. New hire reporting to government agencies 
  3. HR record keeping 
  4. Payroll taxes administration 

Connect with the RPOWER-Paychex integration to save time and money.
With HR, payroll, benefits, and more in one central location, Paychex makes it simple to connect the dots in workforce management. Through the integration, restaurant managers are easily able to view and compare costs on labor. When connected, Paychex supplies users with analytics involving departmental costs, including employer expenses, taxes, and more.   

No more transcribing data. 
When you integrate to Paychex through RPOWER, you no longer need to transcribe employee time clock data to your accounting platform, saving time and the possibility of human errors. Paychex is compatible with QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero. 

RPOWER POS does the work for you. 
RPOWER takes note of clock in and out times and relays the information to Paychex, so you don’t have to keep track of an employee’s logged hours. 

In-App Features that will make your life easier:
Time & Attendance: When you connect your RPOWER terminals with the Paychex integration, the system automatically takes note of time and attendance daily so you never have to worry about inaccurate transcription.    
Employee pay options: With Paychex, you can pay employees how they’d like to be paid. Choose between direct deposit, same-day ACH, paper checks, and paycards.

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