RPOWER POS-PayCom Integration: Streamlined online payroll


Paycom is an American payroll and HR tech provider that helps small, medium, and large businesses streamline their payroll processes and human resources operations. The RPOWER -PayCom integration connects your restaurant point of sale system and your payroll solution to eliminate the need for manual hourly data entry. Here’s how else it can help:


Speed up time collection and reduce errors by allowing employees to enter their own hours. RPOWER POS will then extract the information electronically, and submit it directly into the PayCom system.


Timeclock data can be exported in various formats (PDF, XLS, CSV) to ensure smooth payroll processing.


Track labor costs, time off, attendance, and other details, then receive a comprehensive report that can help you determine how to better manage labor and engage employees.

Self service

Employees can manage their time off, benefits, and other HR data directly in the PayCom system, ensuring that their information and data is always accurate and up to date.


Time sheet data is transmitted from RPOWER and stored directly in PayCom to reduce room for error and prevent data duplication or loss.


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