Platinum Relations


RPOWER POS & Platinum Relations: Integrated Payment Solutions Made Easy

Platinum Relations has been working alongside payment processors since 2006, providing the lowest rates and delivering high-quality customer service. Platinum’s mission is centered around building solid relationships with clients to take the mystery out of a complicated industry. 

When you combine your RPOWER POS system with Platinum Relations, you can:

  • Accept payments online, over the phone, or by email

  • Eliminate credit card processing fees

  • Save money on each sale with competitive processing rates

  • Have confidence that your business and customers are protected with secure solutions


Customer service that puts you first 24/7

Never listen to a recording. Get personalized service from one of our team members every time you call. We work as a team to ensure your business receives quick, reliable service 24/7.


Flexible payment options

With Platinum Relations, you can now accept both virtual and in-person payments. Enjoy the flexibility to take payments by phone, online, and right inside your business. Process payments with ease and give customers the choices they’re looking for. 



Platinum Relations’ solutions are stable and highly secure to protect your business and your customers.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!