Enhance Restaurant Efficiency with Point Blank’s Efish Integration

Discover how the powerful integration of RPOWER POS and Point Blank’s Efish software can revolutionize your restaurant operations and cost management.

Food Cost Management: Connect RPOWER POS to Efish's Food Cost Management integration to compare actual versus theoretical food costs. Eliminate food waste and shrinkage to maximize your inventory's potential.

Smart Ordering: Efish suggests the optimal order based on previous orders, sales forecasts, and existing inventory. With real-time data sync from RPOWER POS, you make informed decisions effortlessly.

Predictive Food Production Costs: Leverage historical consumption data through the integration to predict food costs for any period - day, week, shift, and more.

Efficient Labor Management: Define personal labor rules and relationships with the RPOWER-Efish integration. Organize skill sets, task assignments, certifications, and more to optimize your employees' schedules.

Overtime Control: Set alerts to reduce unnecessary labor costs and avoid overtime expenses.

Multi-Location Management: Seamlessly share with employees across multiple restaurant locations while ensuring compliance with state and local regulations.

Smart Inventory Management: Take control of inventory costs with intelligent technology that tracks and predicts usage. Effortlessly manage inventory for one or multiple stores.

Reduce Waste: With real-time inventory tracking, minimize waste by monitoring daily ingredient usage and ensuring optimal utilization.

Elevate your restaurant's efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations with the RPOWER-Point Blank Efish integration. 

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