RPOWER POS-FreePour integration: Leverage Beverage Consumption Data To Increase Profitability

FreePour is a provider of hardware and software solutions for monitoring beverage data in your restaurant. It helps you track consumption data and inventory levels of draft, spirits, wine, and packaged beverages so that you can reduce costs and increase sales. Here’s how the FreePour integration with RPOWER point of sale system helps you streamline your restaurant operation:


Minimize room for error

Gone are the days of manually measuring and logging beverage data and transferring it to your point of sale system. The RPOWER-FreePour integration automates the process to eliminate the need for transcription and minimize room for error.


Optimize beverage profits

FreePour reports provide actionable metrics on your inventory usage, allowing you to drive bartender behavior to optimize beverage profits.


Manage inventory

Through the integration, you’ll be able to manage your beverage inventory down to the last drop. RPOWER provides inventory and product sales data to FreePour, which can help you make purchasing decisions, track costs, and more.


Uncover shrinkage

By integrating your RPOWER product sales and inventory data with FreePour you can easily uncover shrinkage such as unrecorded sales and over-pouring.


Reduce labor cost

FreePour gives you access to historical data and makes stocktaking more efficient, drastically reducing the labor cost of doing inventory.


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