RPOWERPOS and Grubhub: a 21st century take-out integration

It’s no secret that online ordering and off-site dining has revolutionized the restaurant industry. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

It spreads the word about your business. 

As a new restaurant, it’s hard to spread the word about your restaurant without spending countless dollars. By putting your restaurant on a platform such as Grubhub, you will be opening your doors to a new group of customers while also retaining your existing patrons by offering them another way to enjoy your delicious meals. 

It’s easy. 

Not all customers prefer to dine in. With RPOWER POS’s takeout and delivery integrations, you can still attract customers who don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their office or home with a convenient way to enjoy your meals. Since they will be paying through their mobile devices, your patrons will never have to be without their card while you never have to worry about a called-in order that never got picked up. 

How it works: 

  1. A customer discovers your restaurant on Grubhub.com or on the Grubhub app.

  2. Grubhub sends the order directly to your RPOWER POS system for restaurants and bars.

  3. As you’re finishing up prep for the takeout meal, a Grubhub driver (or your own) picks up the order from your restaurant and delivers it to your customer. 

Skip the line and order online.

Say goodbye to customers awkwardly waiting for their order in your restaurant. With Grubhub online ordering, customers receive an ETA for their purchases so they know when to retrieve their order. Open your restaurant’s digital doors by allowing your customers to order through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook through the Grubhub-RPOWER integration. 

Pickup or delivery

With this RPOWER 3rd party integration, you can take your pick between both pickup or delivery. With Grubhub delivery, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty. The RPOWER Grubhub POS integration takes care of coordinating and compensating their drivers, so you don’t have to. Deliveries can be tracked in real time while your restaurant can manage orders from any device, anytime

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