RPOWER POS & HotSchedules Integration: It's time to let go of the old school ways of labor management

Do everything you were doing before, online.

HotSchedules makes it easy to streamline employee scheduling with online tools to manage and organize your workforce. Keep time, attendance, shift swaps, and more all in one place. 

Save Time

Since everything is online, there is no need for physical spreadsheets and unnecessary clutter in your office. HotSchedule’s employee scheduling application eliminates the need for extra hours spent on data entry. Utilize the interactive drag and drop feature to create employee schedules in minutes. 

Save Money

Reduce scheduling errors and overages all within the 3rd party integration that is connected directly to your RPOWER POS system. HotSchedules helps you save money by providing easy to access tools such as overtime alerts and forecasting tools. Learn about your daily peak times and predict how many employees you will need at a future date. 

Contact your employees through their mobile devices

Upon schedule changes, potential shift coverage, and more, simply use the mobile communication tool in-app to keep your employees in the loop. 

  • Control shift swaps and schedule changes 

  • Sync with Google Calendar 

  • Use the tool as an address book for your employees

  • Make a company-wide announcement

  • Choose to text or email within the app to communicate with a department, individual, or your entire company

In-App Features that will make your life easier

Shift Swaps: Allow employees to request shift swaps, releases, and more in-app or online. Schedule changes are updated in real time on your RPOWER POS system.  

Time & Attendance: With HotSchedule’s Mobile Web Clock and Integrated Time & Attendance, it’s easy to ensure that your staff is punctual. Combine employee time card, breaks, and tips to process payroll quicker.   

Labor Management: Predict future scheduling for up to four weeks in advance and analyze your labor spend. HotSchedules connects directly to your RPOWER POS system, allowing the integration to utilize sales and labor data to forecast labor needs. Compare labor costs by year, month, and day.  


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