RPOWER POS-LevelUp integration: Mobile Payments and Loyalty Programs That Drive Sales

LevelUp is a customer engagement platform that offers online ordering, mobile payments, and restaurant loyalty programs. Through the RPOWER-LevelUp integration, you’ll unlock the ability to issue gift cards, create loyalty programs, and offer online ordering. By integrating with LevelUp, you will be providing your customers with a new way to pay, shop, and order from your restaurant, helping you to increase brand recognition and skyrocket sales. Here’s how:

Order Ahead 

The days of walking into a restaurant, putting in an order and awkwardly waiting at reception are over. With the LevelUp-RPOWER POS integration, guests can order ahead and receive an ETA so they won’t have to wait around. 

Online Ordering

Whether your customers are picking up or taking out, online ordering gives them another convenient way to order from your restaurant. Plus, online ordering helps you maintain order accuracy, expand your reach, and establish an additional revenue stream. 

Mobile Payments

Give your customers the convenience of never being without their card. In the LevelUp app, customers are able to add their preferred payment, preload funds, and pay in real time. Beyond improving the customer experience, giving your customers the ability to pay ahead can help make your service more efficient.

Gift & Loyalty 

LevelUp’s gift card and loyalty program features help you attract new customers and incentivize your loyal patrons to keep coming back. These features are essential for building brand awareness, increasing sales, and driving customers to your business, and the integration with RPOWER makes them easier to implement than ever.

Customer Engagement

The best way to bring customers back is to understand what they like, and LevelUp has the perfect solution. Their customer engagement platform allows you to create and send marketing campaigns, then optimize them according to their performance and customer actions.


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