RPOWER POS-Paytronix Integration: The All-inclusive Customer Engagement Platform

The first step to finding out what your customers love is to connect your RPOWER restaurant and bar POS system to the Paytronix customer engagement platform. This platform connects gift, loyalty, marketing, and more, giving you the all-inclusive tools to grow sales and promote your business.  

  • Grow sales through custom marketing campaigns

  • Send customer surveys and view individual responses 

  • Analyze ongoing and historic promotions to see what’s working and what isn’t 

  • Send visit-motivating messages through geofencing

  • Access and build customer lists over time

Gift Cards 

Paytronix allows you to not only sell gift cards, but also measure usage in real time. Customers are able to reload their gift cards through their preferred payment methods: options include Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more. 

Comp Cards

Track charitable donations, trade compensation, employee dining, and more through the RPOWER-Paytronix comp card program. Choosing this method of distribution lowers tax liability and allows your restaurant to stay in the know when guests redeem their dollars in real time. 

Customer Rewards 

Paytronix makes it easy to recognize, identify, and reward customers to create an exceptional brand experience that keeps them coming back for more. 


Attract spending behavior with targeted promotions that encourage customers to return to your store. Tracking performance is simple since it’s all within the app. 

Paytronix connects seamlessly to your RPOWER POS terminal.

When a guest cashes out using the app or by swiping their rewards card, their account is updated in real time and immediately reflects within the Paytronix app.    


Let your customers know that you’re always thinking about them by sending out tailored messages of your choice through email and text message. 

  • Send a text when a customer is nearby through geofencing 

  • Allow customers to join your loyalty program in person via text 

  • Send an email when a guest redeems a special offer 

Have any questions? We are happy to help!